Q1: Where can I find a guide for importing to Mexico?

Q2: I need to know the harmonized code and tariff of my products. Where can I get information on the Mexican duty rates and the Canadian ones?

Q3: What are the requirements for importing and exporting textiles and clothing from Mexico to Canada ?

Q4: Where can I find information on Mexican countervailing duties and dispute settlement procedures?

Q5: Where can I find import regulations for health and pharmaceutical products in Mexico ?

Q6: Can I import inputs and machines into Mexico on a temporary basis?

Q7: I invented a product and want to patent it in Mexico . How should I go about this? What right does a patent give me in Mexico ?

Q8: Where can I get information on standards, technical regulations or conformity-assessment procedures for NAFTA members?

Q9: Where can I get information on Mexico 's Free Trade Agreements?